Can I Transfer Ink?

Transferring INK is not available, but if you stake your PUB token to other account, the account holder will have INK according to the PUB token amount. 

Can I Cash Ink?

INK is considered as power, not money, so it is not possible to cash INK. 잉크는 화폐가 아닌 Power 입니다. 현금화가 불가능합니다.

How is Ink Used?

When you click the Thanks button on the post, the total amount of INK you have is displayed as the Thanks Power gauge. You can adjust the button to select the amount or you can type an amount to send. You can adjust INK according to how much ’thanks’ you want them to receive. When […]

Ink Rate Paid at PUB Stake

You receive INK as much you stake. Ex) Stake 1,000 PUB to generate 1,000 INK. Stake 한 PUB 만큼 INK를 받습니다. 예를들어 1,000 PUB을 Stake하면 1,000 INK가 생성됩니다.


You receive an INK when you stake PUB. Ink is an interest you are given to the amount of the PUB token you staked. It is used to show your gratitude for contents. When you press the Thanks button, a gauge box appears to give INK. You can only use it in PUBLYTO. PUB를 스테이크 […]