PUB Token

PUB Token Distribution Strategy

40% of the total issuance of 10 billion is forcibly locked out. If necessary, we will replace inflation to prevent the rapid value declining by Indiscreet inflation. Up to 4 billion lock-ups are tied to non-circulation until community consensus is achieved. In addition, a significant number of tokens are locked out (in order to generate […]

Can I Send PUB Token to an Exchange without Scatter

Yes, by using the transfer function in PUBLYTO wallet, you can transfer PUB without interrupting Scatter. Make sure you enter the right EOS account name and the memo exactly. 네, 퍼블리토 지갑의 transfer 기능을 이용하면, 스캐터 연동 없이 PUB을 전송할 수 있습니다. 이때 거래소 EOS 계정명과 메모 내용을 정확하게 입력했는지 필히 확인해주세요.  

Where Else Can I Use PUB?

Our plan is to make PUB token be easily used in daily life as it’s connected to various payment system. PUB 토큰이 다양한 지불 시스템에 연결되어 일상 생활에서 쉽게 사용되도록 구현할 계획입니다.  

How to Sell PUB Token

Please transfer to the exchange wallet and sell. PUB 토큰을 거래소 지갑으로 보내신 후 매도할 수 있습니다.

How to Purchase PUB Token

You can acquire PUB from the exchange. Currently, Chaince is the only exchange and it is not allowed to trade through other exchanges. PUB will be listed in others over time by market protection strategies. After purchasing PUB, you can use it by sending it to PUBLYTO account or PUBLYTO linked EOS account. 거래소에서 구입할 […]

PUB Token

PUB is a symbol of PUBLYTO Token. Like Bitcoin’s BTC. In more details, it is an independent Cryptographic Token issued by PUBLYTO based on EOSIO. It can be used for content rewards, exchange revenues, and to attract donations. Also, it can be used as a spot trading means, such as sending your videos to a […]