Withdrawing takes 3days after unstaking. If the multiple unstaking actions received from a same stakeholder within 3days, refund will be processed only once based on the last transaction. (not separately per unstake action) This is due to the current Smart Contract (SM) ease of implementation. 언스테이크된 PUB의 반환기간은 3일입니다. 3일 이내에 동일한 스테이크 홀더가 여러번의 언스테이킹을 했을 […]


Unstaking means you are withdrawing your PUB. When PUB is unstacked, the INK is reduced by the amount of PUB unstaking. There are two kinds of Unstaking: 1) A is unsticking PUB from A, 2) A is unsticking PUB from B. *INKs that you have not staked can not be unstaked from your wallet. Unstaking은 […]


Staking PUB means you are saving your PUB. When you save PUB, you receive an ink as an interest. Thus, staking is necessary to receive Ink. There are two kinds of Staking: 1) A is staking PUB to A, 2) A is staking PUB to B. Stake is the only way you get INK. INK […]


PUBLYTO Wallet is automatically created at the time of signing up on PUBLYTO. You can transfer PUB Token you earned to your EOS account or exchange wallet. Stake, Unstake function is also supported and all the transaction history remains on the wallet page. PUBLYTO Wallet은 가입과 동시에 자동생성됩니다. 내가 벌어들인 PUB Token은 EOS account 또는 […]